WHO ARE WE We are a puppet theatre called "Bubec". We are an offshoot of the Civic Association Bubec (www.bubec.cz) which could be found in Prague 5 - Řeporyje, Czech Republic. We are here to play for both children and adults. When playing we use puppets and sometimes we do without them because we always hold something anyway - an umbrella, a bone or even a pantry ...more

WHERE DO WE PLAY We play everywhere: in hospitals, playrooms, in little beds, in institutes for infants, in children´s homes, in senior's homes, in theatres, gardens, in your house, in our house, in the street, on the road, on the travels ...more

WHAT DO WE PLAY We have rehearsed all the stories by Josef Čapek "Stories about a fellowship of a cat and dog", "Circus and two clawns" - a performance based on a circus show ...more

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Bubec o.p.s.
Tělovýchovná 748
Praha 5 - Řeporyje
603 807 526


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