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Jonah and the Whale

drama written by Renata Kubišová, Arjana Shameti and Čestmír Suška on bible story motives
Played by Renata Kubišová and Arjana Shameti
The stage and pupets by Čestmír Suška
Directed by Čestmír Suška
Music by Česjana and traditional songs

We have rehearsed all the stories by Josef Čapek

The Dog and the Cat

  • How the Dog and the Cat washed the floor
  • How the Cat and the Dog Wrote a Letter
  • A story about a small girl with thin tears
  • How the Dog And the Cat Baked a Cake

The stage and puppets were made by a renowned sculptor Čestmír Suška. Come to see it, it is really worth it. Or just give us a ring and we will turn up before you say Jack Robinson!

Circus and two clowns

Performance based on a circus show (funny show from our workshop)


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