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We are a puppet theatre called "Bubec". We are an offshoot of the Civic Association "Bubec" which is to be found in Prague 5, Řeporyje (www.bubec.cz). We are here to play for both children and adults. When playing we use puppets and sometimes we do without them because we always hold something anyway - an umbrella, a bone or even a pantry.

The aim of our playing is to take the weight off and forget about our three dimensional world with all its hardships at least for a while. We want to make you happy, make you smile, laugh, guffaw even. We want you to enjoy yourselves and to learn something, e.g. how to make a cake, how to put up laundry, walk on a rope or use a train. We play tales, we sing and dance, together with children, of course. Our performances are played at one moment by actors, at another by children, sometimes the children turn into directors and the actors into surprised audience. "Wow, that´s cool, isn´t it?" And it just works perfectly.

The puppet in our hands becomes a communication channel through which children loosen up and start reacting spontaneously. That´s how they get naturally involved in the performance. And that´s what we consider our accomplishment.

Renáta Kubišová 


Renáta Kubišová - a puppet actress

She studied University of Arts - puppet acting. So far she has been playing in many Prague theatres. Let us mention theatre of Spejbl and Hurvínek, Kašpar theatre, Comedy theatre in which she has turned up in many performances like Don Juan or Kathleen from Heilbron... She has been participating in Řeznická theatre of Forman brothers (the last show having been "The Wedding shirt") and in Nitra theatre. She also played in the family theatre of Iva Janžurová and in films "Stinkers" "Marián" "Somewhat cloudy..."

Arjana Shameti, a pedagogue and an actress

She studied a special pedagogy and French language in the college of education of Charles University in Prague and Public conservatoir for actors. At the moment she is performing exclusively in theatre for childern and with childern and she is teaching French. She was a member of a legendary reciting group of Lumír Tuček "Vpřed" and a theatre group "Sklep". she was performing with Lumír Tuček in an improvization perfomance "Karel and Máňa". She worked as a moderator in "Limonádový Joe" radio station. She has also put on a lot of plays together with a director Marka Míková. (Mothers, Underground, A Pilgrim´s journey).

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